Fueling Girls’ Dreams

“Every person who came to the luncheon was there for girls like me, girls with big dreams and the courage to pursue them.”

Girl Scouts is the world’s foremost authority on girls’ leadership development—setting girls up for a lifetime of curiosity, adventure, and success. One of the unique opportunities afforded to our girls includes the Emerging Leader Girl Scout program, for Girl Scouts in grades 10–12 who exemplify our mission and show great leadership potential. As part of the program, Emerging Leaders attend our annual ToGetHerThere Luncheon, where they network with executives from various fields and participate in a minute-mentoring session with successful female professionals. For many of our Girl Scouts, the experience is inspiring, motivating, and even life-changing. Two of our 2017 Emerging Leaders share their impressions from this year’s ToGetHerThere Luncheon.

Lomeli, KeliaKelia Lomeli, Ambassador Girl Scout:

Everyone here was here for me. It was an extraordinary experience, sneaking glimpses at the name tags of passers-by to try and determine which organization they had come from. I would have the chance to network with whomever I liked in the second half of the day, but first: the minute-mentoring sessions.

Entering the ballroom was much like entering the gym before a basketball game; I didn’t know what I was in for, but that it would be fast, fun, and above all, an opportunity for me to prove myself. I had anticipated my own nervousness at delivering an elevator speech and the dreaded reach-across-the-table-for-a-handshake move, but when the time came, I was surprised at how collected I felt. The powerful businesswoman I sat less than two feet away from was open and inspiring. I could hear myself in her tales of hesitation and doubt, of questioning her ability and deciding to follow her dreams anyway. Every mentor I spoke with had a unique story about finding herself and her life’s passion, and when asked how a young woman might discover hers, Dr. Sherry Hong of Montrose Pet Hospital replied with perhaps the best advice yet: “Every road you end up on is an opportunity. Take it, because that opportunity may never present itself again.”

Troop Leader Michelle Apolonio

The women at the ToGetHerThere Luncheon inspired me to be brave. After the mentoring sessions, I introduced myself to a group of investment counselors from Clifford Swan. As former Girl Scouts themselves, they expressed their admiration for the commitment and ambition of the Emerging Leaders, and after realizing many of them had graduated from colleges I am applying to, exchanged business cards with me. They listened and offered their advice about my aspiration of becoming a diplomat, and for the first time, I felt that everyone in the room believed in me. Whether we had spoken or not, every person who came to the luncheon was there for girls like me, girls with big dreams and the courage to pursue them.

Garland, Olivia.jpgOlivia Garland, Ambassador Girl Scout:

This was my third year attending the ToGetHerThere Luncheon and receiving the honor of being an Emerging Leader. While it was bittersweet, I learn something new every year. My favorite piece of advice this year was from Lavinia Sadrapeli of Teledyne, who encouraged us to “be courageous—embody that.”

2017 ToGetHerThere Champion Joanna Dean

2017 ToGetHerThere Champion Joanna Dean, General Manager of the Western Region for Toyota Financial Services, eloquently spoke of her failures in college and the job market during her honoree speech, and how they’ve made her the successful woman she is today: “Failures are a part of life… Be adventurous and make your own path.” Every word she spoke inspired every Emerging Leader, and I could see the twinkle of admiration in the eyes of all the girls around me.

olivia 1
Olivia with a ToGetHerThere guest

Every year men and women stand together to motivate us at the ToGetHerThere Luncheon. The room is filled with supporters curious about how they can help and what our stories are. This experience has provided me with blueprints for success and advice for my future. I’ve gotten to meet so many impressive women who’ve fought for equality and women’s empowerment as a whole, and because of that, being an Emerging Leader has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our ToGetHerThere Luncheon and played a critical role in shaping our Girl Scouts’ dreams—including our mentors, sponsors, volunteers, members, and attendees. Your support is invaluable to our mission and goal of balancing the leadership landscape.

To see pictures from the 2017 ToGetHerThere Luncheon, view our Facebook album. To learn more about the ToGetHerThere campaign and how you can further the cause of girls’ and women’s empowerment, click here.

Level the Leadership Landscape

“I have never been treated more maturely and taken so seriously—it was great to establish real business connections and learn how to network from these accomplished women.”

At our annual ToGetHerThere Luncheon on Monday, Oct. 30, we will bring together top business and community leaders from across Greater LA, as well as our 80 Emerging Leader Girl Scouts. The experience provides our attendees with the opportunity to meet these up-and-coming leaders, and reflect on the importance of our campaign. Plus, our Girl Scouts meet inspiring role models and network with professionals who can provide them with college and career advice.

Will you join us or support us? Our past supporters and Emerging Leader Girl Scouts tell us why the annual ToGetHerThere Luncheon has been an important, meaningful experience for them.

Frances Moreno (center)

“Local and national business and civic community leaders who attend the annual ToGetHerThere Luncheon to support programs for girls in Greater LA help support GSGLA in building a new generation with confidence and character. We leave feeling incredibly inspired ourselves that our future is in good hands. It’s a must!”

— Frances Moreno
Co-Founder and Partner, Vaco
GSGLA Board Member

Bock, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bock

“When I first came to the ToGetHerThere Luncheon, I was completely shocked by the number of people who came out to support Girl Scouts. I had such an amazing mentoring session with some of the nicest, most friendly, and passionate women I have ever met. I have never been treated more maturely and taken so seriously—it was great to establish real business connections and learn how to network from these accomplished women. I was thrilled to be an Emerging Leader last year, and I’m even more excited and prepared this year to return.”

— Elizabeth Bock
Emerging Leader Girl Scout 2016, 2017

Mozell, Kally
Kally Mozell

“I have been a Girl Scout since the first grade and keeping up with Girl Scouts has been the best decision I have ever made. Girl Scouting has offered me so many wonderful opportunities, like the ToGetHerThere Luncheon. I have become a strong leader because of Girl Scouts. I remember back when I was a freshman in high school, my troop organized a workshop to empower the younger Girl Scouts in our service unit. At the end of the day, we taught them a dance to document all that they had learned that day. It was amazing to see all the Girl Scouts come together and perform the dance for their leaders. Girl Scouts is not just an organization, it is a movement that empowers girls worldwide and gives them the tools to become confident G.I.R.L.s (Go-getters, Innovators, Risk-takers, Leaders).”

— Kally Mozell
Emerging Leader Girl Scout 2016, 2017

It’s not too late to support the future of our Girl Scouts, and all girls and women. Secure your spot and invite your friends to join us at our ToGetHerThere Luncheon, and also learn how you can support the campaign.

Fight for Every Girl and Woman

Our 2017 ToGetHerThere Luncheon takes place Monday, Oct. 30. Will you support us in the fight for gender parity in the leadership landscape?

Past supporters and Emerging Leader Girl Scouts—selected each year to attend the luncheon and its accompanying minute-mentoring session—have shared their experiences with us. For many of them, ToGetHerThere has been transformative.

“I have had the pleasure of attending each of our past ToGetHerThere events and they have grown and developed into great opportunities for both our girls and members of the community. I have been a mentor twice and am amazed at the levels these young ladies have achieved.

lise and betsey
Betsey L. Brewer (right) with GSGLA CEO Lise Luttgens.

Last year I enjoyed having Cherry Ying—a remarkable Girl Scout [and a 2017 National Young Woman of Distinction]—at my table. Cherry and I emailed a few times after the luncheon. She has since graduated and is taking on actuarial studies and programming at the University of Chicago.

Betsey L. Brewer at the 2014 ToGetHerThere Luncheon.

Our guests attending the ToGetHerThere event have been quite astounded at where Girl Scouting is today. As with most of us, they think of cookies—but not that it is a financial literacy program; or camping—but not that it is nature, science, skill-building, and more. Today’s girls learn many more new and different things compared to those of us from the 1960s and 1970s. However, the foundation of Girl Scouting remains the same, and this also stands out when you meet the girls who join us at each table.”

— Betsey L. Brewer, CPCU
Principal, Integro Insurance Brokers
Past GSGLA Board Chair
ToGetHerThere Mentor 2014, 2016

Tang, Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn Tang

“The ToGetHerThere Luncheon is an amazing opportunity for young women to realize they have the love and support of corporations around them. I personally learned so much from the wonderful mentors and businesses about how to succeed professionally. The luncheon encouraged me to dream big for my future and the future of all women in the workforce.”

— Kaitlyn Tang
Emerging Leader Girl Scout 2016, 2017

Stahl, Dagny
Dagny Stahl (also pictured in main image)

“The whole process of becoming an Emerging Leader—the application, the interview, and even the orientation meetings where we learned to present our best selves (and proudly represent Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles)—has helped ready me for college, jobs, and other applications that require a similar effort. I was honored to be chosen to speak at the 2016 ToGetHerThere Luncheon: This alone was a crash-course in media and event production. And of course, meeting and networking with local women business and industry leaders was the highlight!”

— Dagny Stahl
Emerging Leader Girl Scout 2016, 2017

Join us in preparing these rising female leaders for their bright futures—and help secure a better tomorrow for every girl and woman. Learn more about our ToGetHerThere Luncheon and how you can support the cause.

Together, We Can Get Her There 

Our annual ToGetHerThere Luncheon brings together our community’s preeminent leaders fighting to make gains for women and girls in visible, powerful roles. Also attending this event are our Emerging Leader Girl Scouts: girls we honor for their exceptionalism and embodiment of the Girl Scout mission. As a precursor to the luncheon, these Girl Scouts participate in the Leadership Experience, a minute-mentoring session with leaders in various industries. The event, in sum, empowers and motivates participating Girl Scouts while inspiring and impressing our adult attendees, whose commitment to our mission and the aims of the ToGetHerThere campaign are continually reaffirmed.

Leading up to our 2017 ToGetHerThere Luncheon, we’ll bring you testimonials from participants and Girl Scouts impacted by our annual event—and encourage you to consider supporting or joining us on Monday, Oct. 30.

ellen swarts 2
Ellen E. Swarts as a Brownie.

“I have been a Girl Scout all my life—first as a Brownie to Junior Girl Scout in grade school and then as a leader for my daughter’s troop from Brownies to Seniors. So, when I was invited to become more involved with Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles in 2014, it was an easy decision. As Controller and Senior Director of Finance for Teledyne Controls, an avionics company in El Segundo, I was impressed with the emphasis on STEM programs GSGLA provides to our young women in the community.  Supporting GSGLA in its efforts to introduce the career and leadership possibilities in science and technology industries is a win-win for everyone.

Girl Scouts Luncheon 2016
The Teledyne team at the 2016 ToGetHerThere Luncheon.

I am so proud to see Teledyne’s support of Girl Scouts grow over the last four years, including our support for the ToGetHerThere Luncheon each fall. Each year at the luncheon, my co-workers and I hear the stories of amazing young women—Emerging Leader Girl Scouts who strive for excellence and lead with courage. It is truly an inspirational message and one that we remember throughout the year. The guest speakers at the luncheon also impress with their words of motivation and encouragement. It is a wonderful opportunity to hear such accomplished women, leaders in our community, who know firsthand the challenges and rewards when we lead with confidence, compassion, and conviction. The GSGLA ToGetHerThere luncheon is an event Teledyne Controls will continue to support and attend for many years to come.  It means that much to us, as do the girls and young women Girl Scouts help every day.”

— Ellen E. Swarts
Controller, Teledyne Controls, LLC 
Past GSGLA Board Member
ToGetHerThere Mentor 2016, 2017

Tody, Madison
Madison Tody

“At the ToGetHerThere Luncheon, I was presented with knowledge that I never could have received from any other event. The information that I not only gained, but also got to practice in a room with a number of successful women, really pushed me out of my comfort zone to be a leader in the workplace. I believe this event is extremely important, due to the lack of not only equality, but also lack of confidence within girls my age to speak out. This luncheon taught us how to be strong leaders amongst our peers and gave us the confidence boost that we all need to be successful in our futures.”

— Madison Tody
Emerging Leader Girl Scout 2016, 2017

Stay tuned for more testimonials from our ToGetHerThere supporters and participants!

Will you support us in empowering girls to realize their dreams and achieve their full potential? Learn more.

Proud to Be an Emerging Leader Girl Scout

“I am the one who will seek change confidently, quietly making a difference in the lives of those around me.”

Our Emerging Leader Girl Scouts represent the values for which our organization stands: They embody leadership with courage, confidence, and character and show exceptional promise for their futures. As part of this selective program, Emerging Leaders attend the ToGetHerThere Luncheon, our annual gathering of civic and business leaders committed to empowering girls to reach their greatest potential. Ambassador Girl Scout Cora J. participated as an Emerging Leader last year, and shares how the program inspired her.

Being an Emerging Leader was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! From the interview process to the trainings to the ToGetHerThere Luncheon, I learned a lot about myself.

At the luncheon, I had the opportunity to meet many women business leaders and learn about their fields. I also enjoyed sharing with them what Girl Scouts means to me. It led to several discussions about how what I am doing now can help me in the future.

Cora received her Emerging Leader pin at the 2016 ToGetHerThere Luncheon.

The most important piece of advice I received from one of the mentors was not to give up and to keep trying when faced with obstacles. It is very encouraging to meet women leaders who have succeeded—I learned that it might not always be easy, but my dreams are possible.

Karen Ideno, Toyota Financial Services VP and 2016 ToGetHerThere Honoree, said during her speech that “the sum total of all your experiences make you who you are today.” This quote means a lot to me. Girl Scouts has provided me with so many different experiences like learning how to manage finances, helping people, gaining useful skills, and even traveling around the world. Outside of Girl Scouts, I’m constantly pulling from skills I’ve picked up in Girl Scouting—whether I’m answering a question, completing a task, or overcoming an obstacle.

I used to be extremely shy and unconfident—I don’t just mean not willing to answer a question in class. I mean that in every area of my life I would be quiet and sit back afraid to speak up. Girl Scouts not only gave me the courage to learn to speak up but also, and more importantly I think, the confidence in myself to do so.

At ToGetHerThere, Ms. Ideno said that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to make a change. This is so true for me: I am not the loudest, funniest, or “whateverist” in the room. However, I am the one who will seek change confidently, quietly making a difference in the lives of those around me. That’s why I’m proud to be an Emerging Leader Girl Scout.

Thank you, Cora! Will you join us in supporting our girls’ future? Meet our 2017 Emerging Leaders at the ToGetHerThere Luncheon on Monday, Oct. 30. Click here for details.

Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to apply for next year’s Emerging Leader program in late spring. Bookmark this link and stay tuned for announcements.