Congratulations, Cookie Bosses – A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Girl Scout Friends and Family,

One of the hallmarks of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is our cookie program. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, the largest business entrepreneurship program for girls in the country, our girls learn the 5 Skills and gain confidence and initiative. The cookie program lays the foundation for a lifetime of success for our girls, and motivates them—more than anything—to keep trying.

The indefatigable persistence of our girls pays off. A labor of love for everyone involved, cookie season is not easy—and we recognize this. To honor our top-selling Girl Scouts, we provide a variety of special rewards. So far, I’ve had the pleasure of joining our go-getter Girl Scouts on two occasions: our celebrations for the Elite 1000 (girls who sold 1,000+ boxes) and Club 500 (girls who sold 500+ boxes).

Club 500 at Hurricane Harbor.

Our Club 500 members enjoyed an exclusive Girl Scouts-only day at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor on May 20. Nearly 2,000 girls, accompanied by their adult chaperones, swam, splashed, and explored the park, which was closed to the general public on this sweltering day. Believe me, there were plenty of envious people when I told them what fun we had in the water.

At the Happiest Place on Earth, 340 Elite 1000 members, along with their parents, enjoyed a magical Disney day on May 6. Our Girl Scouts and volunteers experienced the Disney Y.E.S. (Youth Education Series) program, starting with a special breakfast and getting a behind-the-scenes look at Disneyland and California Adventure. Our girls and their parents then had full rein to enjoy both parks.

Elite 1000 at Disneyland.

The fun doesn’t end there. Girls who sold 1,500+ boxes of cookies will participate in our S’more Adventure Weekend (June 10-11) at Camp Osito Rancho in Big Bear. I look forward to a special dinner and campfire with the girls on Saturday evening.  Plus, I’ll have the privilege of lunching with girls who sold 2,000+ boxes on June 21—who’ll also be treated to a limo ride as we share stories of cookie success! I’ve never handed out so many CEO special patches in one season. It has been such a joy for me to be with so many proud and accomplished girls and their families who support their participation in our program.

Bob Hope USO cookie drop-off.

Thank you to all of our cookie bosses who’ve worked so hard, and to the parents and volunteers who’ve made it possible for them to pursue their dreams. Together, we accomplished so much during the 2017 cookie season, including breaking our own council record: more than 5 million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies sold! Plus, we donated more than 100,000 boxes to Gift of Caring—which we also celebrated with a special cookie drop-off at Bob Hope USO. Gathering together to celebrate our servicemembers as they arrived from Camp Pendleton was a highlight of our season.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is life-changing and uplifting, and we encourage all our girls to participate. The 2018 cookie season starts next January—stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, we encourage you to read more about the program on our website, and get excited for next year!

Yours in Girl Scouting,
Lise L. Luttgens
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles

Give the Gift of Caring

“It’s incredible to make an impact on someone’s life, no matter how small or how big.”

When we talk about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, we often mention the 5 Skills gained by girls: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. But did you know the cookie program also teaches girls a sixth skill—philanthropy?

Through the Gift of Caring program, Girl Scouts offer customers the opportunity to donate boxes of cookies to military troops overseas and local nonprofit partners. Girls learn about philanthropy, while customers contribute to a very worthy cause (without consuming calories!).

This year, in honor of the 100th year of Girl Scouts selling cookies, we’re aiming to donate 100,000 boxes to Gift of Caring, council-wide. We spoke with 2016’s top Gift of Caring seller, Ambassador Girl Scout Destiny B., to learn more about the program that’s close to her heart.

Destiny is GSGLA’s top Gift of Caring seller.

You sold an impressive amount of boxes last season (1,020) – and they were all for Gift of Caring (GOC)! Why did you decide to do just GOC?
To me, it is the most important part of Girl Scout Cookie selling. It’s incredible to make an impact on someone’s life, no matter how small or how big. Over my entire cookie career, I have sold approximately 18,000 cookies—11,000 for GOC. I have family in the military, so it’s a cause close to my heart.

Why is GOC so important?
Servicemen and women overseas don’t have the opportunity to see or have anything that reminds them of home. Sometimes, they even give the cookies to the innocent children in the country in which they are stationed. GOC can help so many people in so many ways.

What do you love about selling Girl Scout Cookies?
I am able to increase my confidence in talking to new people, and the people I already know. I have sold cookies for 11 years, and each year I learn something new. Selling cookies offers so many opportunities for Girl Scouts to learn about business, social interactions, and confidence.

What’s your favorite memory related to Gift of Caring?
Once, a soldier flew a flag over Iraq in my name. I later received the same flag in the mail. It was one of the most incredible things that anyone had ever done for me. It inspired me to continue with GOC, so that I could make a difference in the lives of other soldiers.

What do you want to do as a career?
Because of my drive to help others, I want to go into the medical field. I volunteer at my local hospital, and am becoming even more passionate about the field. I love having the opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life.

Why do you think girls should participate in the cookie program?
So they can begin to learn skills to help them in the future. By selling cookies, I have grown up to be a confident, smart, and successful young woman, which is what the cookie program is all about. The cookie program empowers young girls to be the best they can be, and even shows them how to set goals and achieve them. By selling cookies, I have definitely learned how to interact with people and feel comfortable while I am doing it.

GSGLA’s new GOC patch for the 2017 season.

What advice do you have for other girls in reaching high GOC goals?
Like any other way of selling cookies, you must be know your cause. When someone is purchasing something from you, they want to make sure that you know what you’re selling. Sometimes people are cautious about giving money to organizations that they don’t know much about. If you can be confident and passionate about GOC, you can definitely reach your goal.

We’re so proud of Destiny’s accomplishments. You, too, can be a Gift of Caring superstar. Remember to offer customers the ninth “cookie” variety—Gift of Caring—and let’s hit that 100,000 goal together!