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Who’s That G.I.R.L.?

GSGLA Senior represents Girl Scouts on new Trefoil package This Girl Scout Cookie season (starting Jan. 26), along with the new Lemon-Up cookie, Girl Scouts has refreshed all its cookie packaging, reflecting the amazing experiences cookie earnings make possible for girls. Of 25,000 contest applicants, six girls were selected to be featured on the new

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How to get the word out about your donation drive

Girl Scouts improve their communities all year long—but during the holidays they are especially busy leading community service and Take Action projects! While these philanthropic and problem-solving activities have differences (check out this post that explains community service vs. Take Action), there’s one thing they both require: public awareness. In the winter months, donation drives

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Gabbing with Girl Scouts: “Gifted”

Stars of the new movie Gifted were “Gabbing with Girl Scouts” at the film’s LA premiere. Girl Advisory Bureau (GAB) correspondents Julia B. and Julia M. hit the red carpet to interview the cast, including honorary Girl Scout Mckenna Grace. (GSGLA was also there for her pinning ceremony—you can read about that here.) Watch our video to

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