Tips for Fall Product Program Lemonade Stands and Walkabouts

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Grab your walking shoes, put on your vest, grease up the wheels on your wagon, and get ready for Fall Product Program walkabouts and lemonade stands!  

Just because the online program has ended, it doesn’t mean the Fall Product Program is over! Girl Scouts can continue to sell Trophy Nut products and Gift of Caring (GOC) through residential walkabouts, and lemonade stands November 11-20, 2022.

Walkabouts are when Girl Scouts walk around their neighborhood during daylight hours with an adult, to gain additional supporters for their product programming goals. Girl Scouts will only do this if their troop orders additional products to continue to sell after the order-taking ends. 

Lemonade-type stands may be held where the Girl Scout, or someone she knows, resides—it is a time where Girl Scouts can set up a table where customers can purchase fall products or donate to GOC. 

Both options are completely up to the discretion of the girl/family and troop comfort level, but if you’re planning on participating in walkabouts or lemonade stands this year, here are a few tips: 

Dress to Impress 

When a potential supporter approaches your lemonade stand or fall product booth, or when girls knock on a neighbor’s door, they should immediately know you’re a Girl Scout. All members at the booth should be wearing their Girl Scout uniform (sash or vest) and volunteers can wear Girl Scout-branded clothing to show supporters they are there to help. 

Decorate, decorate, decorate 

You shouldn’t be the only one dressed up, so don’t forget to deck out your booth or wagon during your lemonade stands and walkabouts! The Girl Scout Shop has many decorative items you can add to your fall product business to help supporters know you’re ready to provide them with some sweet treats and yummy nuts. Find a Girl Scout Shop near you! 

Mix Up Booth Partners 

Trust the buddy system! We know that BFFs in a troop like to stick together but operating a lemonade stand is a great chance for Girl Scouts to bond with other members of the troop. If Girl Scouts manage a booth together for a few hours, it’s likely they’ll feel closer than ever as they bond over a shared goal. 

In the Spirit of Giving 

Community members who are interested in supporting local Girl Scouts but would rather skip the sweets may also opt to donate products to local first responders or members of the military through the Gift of Caring Program. This program is a way for Girl Scouts to experience entrepreneurship and philanthropy by offering supporters the chance to purchase nuts and candy to be donated to local charities, organizations, and heroes. All Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Gift of Caring partners are registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. 

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