Like a Cookie Boss: Tips for First-Time Troops

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At any point during cookie season, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure your Girl Scouts’ success. But it’s especially critical for younger troops, whose cookie rookies are just getting started.

Leader Claire P. and Cookie Chair Britney E. of Troop 16 offer these tips for other volunteers and parents, who are working with younger girls. Their Daisy troop has been participating in the cookie program for the first time this year.


As we enter the last part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, use these tips to check in and finish strong!

  • Organization is key! Logging everything on a spreadsheet will help you stay organized and track inventory, cookies checked out to girls, money turned in, etc.
  • Pace yourself. Have a starting goal as a new troop. You don’t want to be in over your head, and you can always get more cookies throughout the cookie season by visiting the cookie cupboards or transferring from another troop.
  • Be prepared. Set up your table, make sure you have sufficient change and that your credit card reader works (if you’re accepting cards). Then keep everything in a booth sale “kit,” so you can just grab that and your Girl Scout Cookies, and you’re ready to roll! IMG951652
  • Think about the long game. In the first year (or two), you’re setting the groundwork for years of successful sales. Use this opportunity to train all the families in your troop how you want your booths to be handled. Going forward, this means you as the leader and/or troop cookie chair won’t have to be at every single booth and will help empower girls who really love boothing and/or have high sales goals.
  • Practice. Help the girls form a simple sales pitch that works for boothing. For our girls, it’s a simple, “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?”—said with a smile, while holding a box of cookies. If they say no, they know to follow up with, “Would you like to donate some?” Also, make sure they can answer some of the basic questions they’re likely to get, including what their favorite kind is. We’ve sold multiple boxes to people who said, “Well then I’ll have to try that kind” in response!
  • Teach the 5 Skills. Use all cookie sales transactions to start teaching girls critical skills from the very beginning, including money management. In kindergarten, they’re a little young to handle all the money themselves—but they can start learning. For example, model how to properly count back change. Within a couple years, they should be able to do nearly all of it themselves, with adults there just for a little bit of help.

Thank you to Claire and Britney for their tips for younger troops! Have any advice you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments or share them via this form!

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