Girl Scout Destinations: Escape to Iceland 

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Juliana (third from left) and her sister Girl Scouts in Iceland.

Girl Scouts provides girls with new and exciting opportunities to take the lead—in their own lives and in the world. Through our Destinations program, girls ages 11 and older embark on life-changing adventures around the world with other Girl Scouts. Ready to pack your bags?

We checked in with Senior Girl Scout Juliana M. whose Destination last summer was Iceland. She spent 10 days crisscrossing the island nation, and traveled with Girl Scouts from across the U.S. Juliana saw a glacier for the first time, and even went swimming in the Silfra fissure (one of the world’s top dive sites). Talk about the trip of a lifetime!

Juliana shared her tips for other Destination-bound Girl Scouts:

Be ready to make new friends.
“Everyone’s a stranger at first, but you’ll be traveling together throughout the trip. All the girls are so welcoming and you can create such close bonds. I still stay in touch with many of the girls from my trip today.”

IMG_20170614_154835899_HDRBe open to taking some risks. (Hello, Risk-takers!)
“It’ll make your trip a whole lot cooler and more memorable. While river rafting, there was an opportunity to jump into the river from a really high, scary rock. It was perfectly safe and so much fun! There was a lot of encouragement from the other girls but they’ll still support you if you don’t feel safe. The leaders and all the girls there have your back because you’re a team.”

Learn from everyone’s differences, and recognize each other’s similarities.
“From talking to the locals, to swapping stories with the girls on the trip, I learned so much. We had a lot of fun comparing cultures and foods from different states. We also learned a lot about Iceland from our tour guides, including the sports they played, the differences between our school and government systems, and just about their culture in general.”
Make sure you’re prepared clothing-wise.
“You never know when you are going to need those rain pants or that flashlight. I had a mishap where there was a trail behind a waterfall and we were warned to bring rain gear. I had left my rain pants in the van so I got completely soaked from the waist down. Thankfully I had remembered to bring my rain jacket!”

Have fun!
“Take as many opportunities to laugh with each other and experience new places. From making a spontaneous stop next to the road to bounce on some really soft moss, to taking photo shoots at the top of a mountain, to posing like we were at prom or on the Titanic—everything we did, we did with joy and excitement, making the trip even better.”

Want to create your own adventure? Check out our Destinations and apply today (it’s not too late)!

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