Like a Cookie Boss: First-Time Cookie Sellers

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It’s never too early for Girl Scouts to participate in the world’s largest girl-led business, the Girl Scout Cookie Program! In fact, starting as Daisies helps Girl Scouts familiarize themselves with the program, practice the 5 Skills, and build their troop funds for awesome activities.

Meet two Daisy troops who are participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program for the first time, and are sharing their journeys with us for our “Like a Cookie Boss” series!

Troop 4326 (top right) began as a Daisy troop in April 2017. It originated with three leaders: two grandmothers (Julie K. and Jean S.) and a troop dad, Ryan H. Last fall, the troop became mixed-level when eight Brownies joined the 17 Daisies, and one of the troop moms (Allison H.) also took the lead. Julie has fond memories of her own time as a Girl Scout when cookies sold for 50 cents a box! She says it “was a great learning experience and we’re hoping to replicate that for the girls.”

Troop 16 (top left) is led by Claire P. and two other moms, Kristie T. and Christine R., with Britney E. serving as cookie chair. Claire comes from a Girl Scout family as well: Her mother led her own troop for 12 years and has been a service unit cookie chair for more than two decades. Her mom also told Claire that when she interviewed for her first job out of high school, the employer wanted two years of retail experience—but gave her the job after learning she’d sold Girl Scout Cookies for 12 years!

We spoke with Julie and Claire to learn how the girls have been gearing up.

What are the girls most excited about?
Claire: “Frankly, I think the girls are most excited about eating the cookies when they arrive!”
Julie: “They’re so excited to earn the rewards. They love the idea of boothing and being out there to sell cookies to family and friends.

(Photo collage courtesy of Troop 4326)

How have you prepared the girls so far?
Julie: “At one of our last meetings, we did a cookie jeopardy and our girls made their own sales posters to learn more about the products and the purpose of cookie season… We also have the cookie kick-off and another meeting before boothing. We’re teaching them a lot about salesmanship and business ethics [one of the 5 Skills!].”
Claire: “Our troop is all new Daisies, so we’re effectively starting from scratch. We started with some joint training for the parents and girls. During our last meeting, we spent more time reviewing the cookies and doing additional sales practice. Also the parents have been practicing with their girls at home. One genius parent even created flashcards for the cookies and they review them each morning before breakfast (and that girl now knows her cookies!).”

(Video courtesy of Troop 16)

What are you looking forward to most as a leader?
Claire: “I’m looking forward to the practical life skills the girls will build through the cookie sales experience. Learning how to present yourself professionally and ask for what you want (in this case, a sale) are both life skills that have lifelong applications. Also, we have a handful of girls who are shier, and their parents have expressed interest in helping them to come out of their shell a bit (hello booth sales!).”
Julie: “I’m a math teacher, and I love the way that numbers are so magical to our girls—[they want to know,] ‘What would it take to sell a thousand boxes of cookies? What could the troop do with $100?’ Money management will be an important part of this sales experience. What can we do with it? How do we spend it carefully? They are saving for the future and a trip to San Francisco when [the Brownies] bridge to Juniors, and they love to plan for summer camping.”

Stay tuned for more stories from our Daisy cookie bosses! It’s not too late to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program—get started on your cookie journey today.

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