Go-Getter: My Dream to Become an Actress

“Sometimes when you’re a go-getter you have to push through and in the end you have a lot of fun. And I did!”

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OliviaGirl Scouts opens doors for girls, allowing them to not only discover their passions, but also develop the confidence to pursue them. Our Girl Scouts are go-getters who set goals and don’t let failure deter them: They know it takes hard work to achieve their dreams. Thanks to our girl-led activities and programs, Girl Scouts have a safe space to gain resilience and empower themselves.

Brownie and Girl Advisory Bureau member Olivia H. shares her own go-getter story, drawing on lessons she’s learned as a Girl Scout, especially during cookie season.

olivia 3I am Olivia, a Brownie in Troop 395. I love Girl Scouts and I love to act and sing. I want to be an actress when I get older.

This past summer my mom signed me up for a performing arts program. We were putting on a musical called Andie. It’s like Annie but with a boy as the main character. I auditioned and got the part of Molly.

In the beginning I thought it was going to be easy. I thought all we would be doing is singing and acting and being silly all day. But it wasn’t like that. This was serious business. We had to practice hard, dance a lot, and learn what acting really means. You have to get in touch with the character and whatever emotions the character is feeling. You have to memorize your lines and become the character. You have to do it over and over. I even had to continue practicing at home.

Being a Girl Scout helped prepare me for this challenge by teaching me about goal setting [one of the 5 Skills!], how to work as a team with others, and how to be brave.

Setting a goal during cookie season is exciting. It is a big accomplishment and there are fun rewards. But when sales start to slow down or I start to get tired, I have to move forward to reach the goals I have set for myself. I keep going so that my troop will be able to do all the things we have planned as a team.

olivia 2
The cast of Andie.

At rehearsals, you also have to work as a team with the other actors and be able to follow the director’s lead. You have to know your cues and where to stand and where the other actors are supposed to be. This is like working at a cookie booth with my troop members. We are supposed to know what each person is doing, help one another get sales, all while following the directions of our troop leaders.

Cookie season also gives me lots of practice in public speaking. Just like going out on stage, you never know what a customer will say. You have to get over that fear and be brave enough to go on.

Both cookie sales and acting in Andie were really hard work but in the end I met my goals for both. I sold more than 500 boxes of cookies and I had a successful performance as Molly. Sometimes when you’re a go-getter you have to push through and in the end you have a lot of fun. And I did! I’m going to continue being a go-getter and going after my dreams. I know I will need to put in a lot of effort but it will definitely pay off.

Great job, Olivia! Have your own story about how, #becauseofGirlScouts, you’re pursuing your goals and being a go-getter (or innovator, risk-taker, or leader)? We want to hear it! You can also share your story with GSGLA directly.

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