“I Am Thankful for Girl Scouts Because….”

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Thanksgiving affords all of us in the Girl Scout Movement an opportunity to reflect on the many ways our organization enriches our lives. From exciting programs to one-of-a-kind events, cookie season to summer camp, our girls benefit from the many offerings that make Girl Scouts the world’s largest and best girl leadership development program. We’re thankful to partner with phenomenal, passionate volunteers to provide these inspiring opportunities and work with girls to prepare them for their bright futures.

But why are our girls grateful for Girl Scouts? Some of their illuminating (and heartwarming) responses are below. (Don’t forget to share your own #becauseofGirlScouts stories of growth and gratitude in the comments!)

anastasia-thank-you.jpgAnastacia S., Junior, Troop 3535: “I am thankful for Girl Scouts because [the organization] celebrates my being a girl. It allows me to make new friends, be free, have fun, and learn to be a leader. I am thankful for Girl Scouts because I am just happy being with my sisters and friends. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been a part of, such as movie premieres, sporting events, or learning about STEM. I am thankful for Girl Scouts for helping me to grow.”

Hana (on right)

Hana C., Brownie, Troop 5665: “Girl Scouts Greater Los Angeles is sponsoring my Junior First Lego League team. My robotics team gets to go to LEGOLAND for a presentation for our Aqua Adventure Challenge in front of many people. I also have become a leader, and taught my troop how to recognize their own names in Korean and use the abacus. I’ve also learned to be less shy by standing outside of different stores and advertising to sell Girl Scout Cookies with my troop. Being a Girl Scout has been an experience l’m grateful for!”

IMG_2844Avery C., Junior, Troop 04505: “I’ve learned so many things including money management, people skills, goal setting, leadership, and teamwork. I’ve also had many opportunities to try new things. Plus, in Girl Scouts, working with your team is great and you sometimes lead your troop through tough times. Also, friends are forever. In Girl Scouts, we are more than friends. We are sisters. I am always glad my troop is always there for me. (And I for them.)”

Cora Thank YouCora J., Ambassador, Troop 12581: “Girl Scouts provides me with real-life skills that I am not learning elsewhere in my life. The work I have done pursuing the Gold Award has taught me to be committed and take charge. The cookie program has taught me valuable business skills and how to be creative. My time with my troop and at camp has helped me become more adventurous and independent. As I look forward to my future, college and beyond, it is the skills I learned in Girl Scouting that I am relying on to achieve my life goals.”

Want to hear more ways our girls are thankful for Girl Scouts? See this video:

Inspired to help us reach more girls so that they, too, can experience the Girl Scout Advantage? Give to or volunteer with GSGLA today.

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