A Tribute to John Bodi


The GSGLA family has lost an extraordinary, fiercely devoted member—John Bodi, whom we will miss dearly. John was a treasured, longtime GSGLA volunteer who lived the Promise and Law in all that he did, and dedicated many years to empowering and uplifting girls.

john bodi (002)John was a familiar face to generations of Girl Scouts, and began his involvement as a leader for his daughter’s Brownie troop. For 24 years, he was a co-leader for Senior/Ambassador Troop 1688, MSS Blue Madonna—helping the troop and service unit in many different capacities. In addition, John served on the Gold Award board and, for a period of time, supported many girls as their Gold Award advisor. He also served as a national delegate, and thoroughly enjoyed traveling to the Girl Scout convention and learning about other councils’ older girl programs— sharing his enthusiasm for the program back in Greater Los Angeles.

2007 Tambu4Moreover, we will remember John as a proud advocate for Camp Lakota, which held a special place in his heart. The camp became a personal project of John’s—into which he poured his boundless energy and expertise. He spent countless weekends with the “Camp Lakota Posse” and was able to obtain a myriad of donated supplies and materials for the camp. John also served on the council’s properties committee, where he helped plan for upcoming renovations to Lakota.

Despite John’s many commitments to GSGLA, we will remember him most for his dedication to all girls, everywhere. When learning of John’s passing, the comments from girls and their parents were the most telling of John’s true passion: He encouraged girls to make things happen, boosted their confidence, and taught them life skills. 

“… I still remember how John taught me how to pitch a tent and prepped us for various Tambu skills. He was a wonderful and inspirational man and leader. You’ll be missed. 

“… A true Scout and one of the kindest men I know. May he Rest In Peace and may all the ladies cherish all they have learned from such a wise and generous man. His grilled cheese will always be my favorite!!!” 

“…The hearts of many Girl Scouts are broken today. I have the best memories with you, John. Blue Mad won’t be the same without you. We are so thankful for the love and guidance you have provided for all of us. Sail away towards that sunset! Miss you. 

Memorial services are being planned for August. To honor John’s memory, his family and friends ask that you consider, in lieu of flowers, making a gift to the John Bodi Memorial Fund at GSGLA. Contributions will support the completion of the new dining hall—the future heart of Camp Lakota—where generations of growing Girl Scouts will make lifelong friendships and memories while enjoying the beautiful property so dear to John. Please visit http://girlscoutsla.thankyou4caring.org/camp-lakota.

4 comments on “A Tribute to John Bodi”

  1. John was an inspiration to us who passed through M.S.S. Blue Madonna. His camp name fit him perfectly “Major Dad”. From being the serious dad of the troop to being the embarrassing dad who put on orange & blue booty shorts over his jeans to shake his butt to lemon lime tootie fruity as younger girls asked him to shake his booty. Thank you John for being an inspiration to myself and to all other girls a part of Girl Scouts.

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  2. While I didn’t get the opportunity to meet John, I have great memories of Camp Lakota. I was there in 1978 (I think) and actually made it into the Girl Scout calendar in an underwater shot. I believe it was the month of August. Great times!!! Wish I had a copy of the picture to share, but unfortunately, it is long gone… I will be making a donation in this wonderful man’s name. He will be missed.

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  3. I just heard this saddening news today. John was like a second father to me being my troop leader for what felt like forever. I remember learning how to pitch a tent in his backyard. I remember him teaching us how to make pancakes and thousands of other things. He will be truly missed and my heart and condolensces go out to Anjanette and Cindy and all of us in the Blue Madonna family as well as those who were members of troops 110, 723, and 1723. We lost a helluva man. I’ll never forget you Major Dad. Love, Whirlwind (Gwen Abrams)

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  4. John was a wonderful man and will be missed. For anyone who has not seen the official invite, John’s Memorial will be on August 20th from 1:30-4:00pm at
    First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills
    10400 Zelzah Ave
    Granada Hills

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