100 Dynamic (and Delicious) Years

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It’s been a delicious century: 2017 marks 100 years since Girl Scouts first began selling cookies. That initial cookie sale would give rise to the world’s premier business and leadership development program for girls—one which empowers Girl Scouts to pursue their dreams, learn to lead, and change the world!

Throughout cookie season (which runs Jan. 29–March 12), we’ll be highlighting the many ways the cookie program not only touches the lives of our girls, but also benefits our communities. Plus, we’ll be sharing insights from our very own Girl Scouts about the cookie program, starting with Cadette Girl Scout and Girl Advisory Bureau member Elizabeth L. of Troop 7352. As a Cookie Captain, Elizabeth has the following tips to help other girls achieve their cookie goals.

Elizabeth selling cookies as a Brownie.

I am so excited to sell Girl Scout Cookies during the 100th anniversary celebration of cookie sales! I am currently in the seventh grade and started selling cookies when I was a Daisy. I have learned a lot of tips and tricks over the last few years from my mom, my troop, the internet, and my own personal experience. An easy acronym I created below can help you during this cookie season.


Goals: Meet with your leader and your troop to set up goals.
One reason people don’t buy Girl Scout cookies? They were never asked!

Start with last year’s list! Contact your old customers and remind them cookie season is here.
Taste the cookies to allow you to describe them to customers.
Always wear a SMILE and look your best in your vest! You represent Girl Scouts!
Record your cookie season plans, goals, and experiences in a journal and use them to prepare for next year’s cookie season.
Tell everyone! Use the Cookie Club, Facebook, Instagram, email, text messages, etc. (of course with your parent’s permission).


otice which cookies are selling and encourage customers to buy packages of other varieties. [Editor’s note: Don’t forget to mention the brand-new, non-GMO Girl Scout S’mores cookie!) Girl Scout Cookies freeze up to six months!
Offer to explain to customers how the Girl Scout Cookie Program funds troop activities throughout the year and teaches girls five critical skills.
When customers say “no thank you” to cookies, tell them about the Gift of Caring program. Customers can donate boxes to Gift of Caring, which go to service members overseas and other local nonprofits. [Editor’s note: In honor of Girl Scouts selling cookies for 100 years, our council-wide Gift of Caring goal is to donate 100,000 boxes this year!)

Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing these useful ideas! Don’t forget, cookie season starts Jan. 29—get ready for Go Day by visiting Cookie Central, where you’ll find key resources and news.

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