Fall Product Program in a Nutshell

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The Girl Scout Fall Product Program comes to an end this weekend, after weeks of girls selling nuts, candy, and magazines. The program helps Girl Scouts build their confidence and gain critical skills—not to mention gear up for the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

We wanted to get the perspective of a girl who’s participated in the fall product program more than once—so we reached out to Senior Girl Scout Dani C. of Troop 12345, whose mom is a GSGLA staff member, to see what she’s learned. Keep in mind, Dani’s advice doesn’t just apply to fall product—much of it works for cookie season as well!

Delivery time! Dani organizes her fall product orders.

Hey Girl Scouts! My mom, Denise, and I are here to give you tips on having a successful fall product campaign. We’re both go-getters and I personally enjoy sharpening my accounting and sales skills. Selling our fall products is way easier than you think and you would be surprised how many people love our nuts and candy. (I think they’re looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooth until cookie season.)

Denise and Dani at a family event.

Alright, let’s get to it!

1: Set a goal. Make a list.
Start with relatives and family friends. They’re always happy to support and with online sales, they don’t have to live in the same state. Later in the fall product season, focus on local family, friends, teachers, members of your church or temple, work colleagues, etc. Combined, these support channels should help to surpass your goal, very easily.

2: Track sales
The online dashboard does a lot of the work for you, plus gives you tools to keep track of sales when taking orders in person. These tools help keep organization with money and gives great practice with basic accounting/bookkeeping skills. It’s a confidence builder in money management!

3. Promote Gift of Caring
We participated in the Feed Your Neighbor program and helped sort food at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. I share this experience when people ask about Gift of Caring (GOC). It was rewarding and hard work! To know that GSGLA supports partners such as the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank helps Girl Scouts understand what it takes to help the hungry, and how much food is needed to feed the many vulnerable people in our city—and also, helps girls explain firsthand the benefits of GOC.

Dani (pictured front left) participating in the Feed Your Neighbor Service Squad.

(Editor’s note: The Gift of Caring program benefits our multiple nonprofit partners, whose causes range from feeding the hungry to helping servicemembers and veterans.)

4: Say thank you!
Sending thank-you notes is invaluable. Whether it’s a call, text, email, or—even better—a handwritten note, always thank everyone for their support and let them know it’s very much appreciated.

5: Have fun together!
This is a given. 🙂

Follow these five tips, and you’ll have the fall product program in a nutshell!

Thank you to Dani and Denise for providing this helpful insight! To learn more about GSGLA’s fall product program, click here. If you’re already thinking ahead to Girl Scout Cookie Season, we’ve got you covered too: Click here to get started.

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